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When should I send my measurements Before or after Sx?

These are only suggestions, still verify with your doctor and follow their recommendations.

We suggest you send your measurements

  • one week post op the earliest if you want a medium compression (early stage 2 )

  • Around your second week if you want a high compression ( stage 2)

  • Around your 6th / 8th week if you want an extra high compression (stage 3)

Why DOES my faja HAVE different measurements than THE ones I sent?

The faja is never going to measure the same as your measurements because of the elasticity of the material that expands around 10 inches. If the faja would be the same measurement, it wouldn't fullfil it's the purpose that is compression. The design is made to consider the client's measurements and the elasticity of the material.

How do I wash my Faja & WaIst Trainer

You can hand wash the faja with warm water and delicate soap.

When using laundry cycle we prefer using our wash bags and washing with delicate detergent and drying with no heat or low heat.

All of our garments have the criss-cross flap

How is the crotch area of the Fynebody garments?

We can't assure precisely the day that a product will arrive because it is up to the shipping company.

What is the shipping time?


There will be a tracking link sent once carrier has processed the order.

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